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SW gApps empowers businesses through cutting-edge tools for customized solutions and support

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Custom development projects

Experts available in AppSheet, Apps Script, Vertex AI, and Generative AI for custom projects suited to your business’ needs.

Competitive rates and monthly plans available

High quality work with affordable rates for various business sizes, as well as, fixed hour plans to help control and monitor costs.

Experts with over 25 years of experience

Custom development projects made possible with a team of top solution architects, project managers and developers.

How to work with us

Directly work with us

Do you have specific automation needs or need tools tailored to your exact processes? Let’s partner directly! Our team will analyze your goals to build streamlined solutions. You can choose time and material (T&M), or our innovative discounted fixed hours.

Outsource your clients

Do you have clients demanding customized Google Workspace solutions but lack the time or expertise? Let’s team up! We’ll take on projects, delivering exceptional results while you share in the profits. You remain active working with us and your clients.

Refer your clients

Short on time and not interested in playing liaison? Our referral program is your solution. Do you know a business that needs efficiency help? Refer them to us and earn generous commissions on their success – no meetings or extra work required.

Need custom solutions to improve productivity and workflow?

Our team at SW gApps performed assessment and discovery meetings to provide solutions for Hackensack Meridan Health to reduce MS licenses. We also helped improve productivity and workflow by leveraging internal add-ons, AppSheet (no-code), Apps Script automation, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

SW gApps Google Workspace Development

Steve and team are geniuses…

VP, Hackensack Meridian Health

SW gApps Services

Cloud Solutions

Google Workspace automation and productivity solutions.

No/Low Code Tools

Industry experts in Apps Script and AppSheet for faster deliverables.

AI Possibilities

Generative AI combined with human intelligence for endless business solutions.

Price Model

Offering a Fixed Hours model for a flexible yet predictability-driven hybrid approach.

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The latest from our SW gApps blog

Add-ons, Gemini Pro

Boost Google Sheets with Gemini AI Add-ons

Inserting Gemini Pro or Gemini Ultra in Google Workspace like Sheets Add-ons

Google Workspace Developer

Add-ons, Apps Script, AppSheet, Chat Apps

Google Workspace Developer

In this blog, we dive into the world of a Google Workspace Developer and explore how they empower users, streamline workflows, and unlock the full potential of this collaborative suite. You made the investment with paid licenses. Learn how to maximize it.


New Innovative Fixed Hours Model vs. Fixed Price and T&M

Recognizing the limitations of both T&M and Fixed Price models, a relative newcomer has entered the scene – the “Fixed Hours per Month” model. This hybrid approach aims to combine the best of both worlds, offering flexibility along with some degree of predictability.

Google Apps Script

Apps Script

Google Apps Script Automation: For Beginners

Empower your Google Workspace with Google Apps Script automation insights. Maximize productivity and workflow efficiency. Elevate your skills now!