Need help converting Excel to Sheets?

SW gApps helped migrate from Excel to Google Sheets that included a GCP Cloud Function (cheaper than a VM) that invoked the visualization API to create a custom chart and insert back to the Sheet.

…this process though would save at least 10 or so licenses. The security wins are the big one.

– Senior System Engineer, Mulesoft

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Cloud Solutions

Our experts are available to help with Google Workspace automation and productivity solutions. Whether your business is converting to Google Workspace for the first time or you are looking to be more efficient and productive, SW gApps can offer customized solutions to fit all of your business’ needs. To get started, schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery meeting today.

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No/Low Code Tools

Finding solutions for your business does not have to be complicated and confusing anymore. Google Apps Script and AppSheet are powerful tools designed to help streamline intricate forms, workflows, and tasks as well as to help create/run applications. SW gApps employs industry experts in Apps Script and AppSheet to aid in faster deliverables and to help take your business to the next level.

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AI Possibilities

Unlocking the potential of AI opens up a realm of productivity and automation solutions. Our team of experts boast extensive knowledge and incorporate cutting-edge AI technologies, such as Generative AI, Google’s Vertex AI, and Google AI Studio, alongside various other advanced tools. With AI and human intelligence combined, the possibilities are endless. Let’s see what we can create!


Workspace Development

We take Google Workspace to a new level. Apps Script, AppSheet, and AI with our human experts are valuable. Recognizing the limitations of both T&M and Fixed Price models, there is another option – the “Fixed Hours” model. This hybrid approach aims to combine the best of both worlds, offering flexibility along with some degree of predictability.

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Great job – thanks for the add-on and the explanation about how it works.

Staffing Coordinator, HMA

I received your name from my sister who works for Google and she suggested that you may be able to help us with our GSuite scripting needs.

VP Product & Marketing, Architex